The online dating game has changed drastically over the decades. Given the pandemic, the chances of going on fancy dates and candle night dinners are a big non-no. The spread of the Coronavirus across the globe has affected millions of industries, but the online dating world has seen a drastic improvement.

It is no brainer that due to the pandemic situation, almost half the world population is suffering high levels of emotional grief and instability due to income loss, loss of health and also social life. Among so many different emotional pressures and circumstances, dating is the last thing that would pop on anyone’s mind. However, we humans are in desperate need for social life and someone to share our emotions with, during these difficult times.


According to recent reports, as mentioned above, the online dating applications like tinder, bumble and many more have increased in the number of customers and have shown signs of further improvement. Bumble indicates that the messages sent via the application have increased around 20-25% from March 12-22nd in different parts of the world. If you’re single, before trying online dating applications you do not want to call quits, because we suggest you read the article and find out some of the perks of using the applications, during this pandemic.

Immediate icebreaker

Coronavirus is at the top of everyone’s mind during this novel situation and the famous saying ‘we’re all in this together’. Hence, this allows people to start a conversation and break the ice, while it was considered a task before the pandemic.

Building emotional connections and bonds becomes easier.

The number of philosophical and spiritual minds has increased in the situation due to the uncertainty of life. As a result of this emotion, people tend to become vulnerable. They lose control or motivation even to perform daily activities, and social media is one thing that will connect people to the world.


By sharing experiences via dating applications to strangers, not only calms your mind but also gives you the privilege of not being judged, because you’re all strangers. Since many are inclined towards forming friendly or romantic connections with one another, people can focus more on that and get to know each other’s perspectives better.

Number of dates, decreases but quality increases

If we’re not in a pandemic situation, there are higher chances of people going on multiple dates, to find the right one. However, online dating applications makes your work easier by scrutinizing the people at the tip of your fingers and building connection with the right one first, instead of going on dates with the creepy ones. Since meeting in real life isn’t an option, you can spend your quality time and energy on the one’s you’re interested in.

Social Distance Dating:

Get to know the person better.

A person’s true nature is shown when they’re angry or sad. Hence, now is the time when people all over the world are experiencing these emotions. This is the best time for you to judge the person you’re interested in and knows how they react during though times.


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